13 Best Dry Shampoos for Dark Hair and Brunettes for 2022

Consider a tinted vs. clear formula.

You don’t need to just go for brown-tinted dry shampoos if you’re a brunette, you can also try a clear or translucent formula which typically sets to an invisible finish. The only difference? These clear dry shampoos aren’t made with as many grease-soaking powders, so they may not be as effective as the powdery tinted options when it comes to minimizing oiliness.

Figure out your hair needs

If you’ve got fine hair that doesn’t get too greasy—just super flat— you may do better with a clear or sheer dry shampoo for texture and volume. But if you’ve got more of an oily mop, you’ll have to use more product, which can lead to build-up. If this is your hair type, you’ll want to go for a tinted formula to get the job done. Also, if you don’t love the idea of your shower water looking totally brown at first while washing your hair (it’s harmless and doesn’t stain, but still), opt for a clear dry shampoo instead.

Be mindful of how you use it.

No matter what dry shampoo you choose for your dark hair, it’s important to use it properly. Angela Hazelton, renowned colorist Marie Robinson Salon in New York City, says that dry shampoo should always be used as the very last step in your hair routine. “Most dry shampoos are alcohol-based, so if you apply heat to them, they can actually cause your hair color to oxidize or become brassy,” says Hazelton. Additionally, Hazelton suggests washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo after using a dry shampoo for a few days.” It’ll help prevent any clogged pores on the scalp.”

As for application, Hazelton says that dry shampoo works best when used preventatively. She tells clients to wash and style their hair and then immediately spray dry shampoo into your roots to prevent your hair from getting oily in the first place. Genius, right?

Source hungryforbalance.com