20 Best Hoop Earrings To Add To Your Jewelry Collection

In any collection of essential pieces of jewelry, hoop earrings are, without a question, a linchpin—a must-have, a go-to, a classic staple. Regardless of size, metal, and material, hoop earrings never fail to make one feel more put together.

Per hoop earring proponent and jeweler Jennifer Fisher, at the onset of Covid—when the world had been largely confined to home for about a month—she received consistent feedback that the one thing helping her clients feel more polished on a daily basis was their hoop earrings. There’s something to be said about the power of the accessory. It’s grandiose but, also, not so far fetched a sentiment that when everything around you is beyond your control, a stylish and simple staple can be that grounding anchor to help keep you feeling like yourself.

Fisher, whose name has become synonymous with hoop earrings, has everyone from Jennifer Lopez to CNN Chief White House Correspondent Kaitlan Collins wearing her styles on a daily basis. With hoops still the dominating earring style, we caught up with her again (hot on the heels of her Beverly Hills store opening) to talk about starting and growing a hoop earring collection. “Your first pair of hoops should be something clean that you can wear morning, noon, and night,” says Fisher. “Your fifth pair of hoops should be something that has texture and maybe a larger diameter. Something that rounds out your collection.”

“I always say that hoop earrings are like the perfect pair of jeans; you need a few styles to round out your collection,” continues Fisher. “Your foundation is normally something pretty classic and then as you grow your collection, your selection should become more diverse. A great example: for your first pair of jeans, you probably aren’t going to buy a wide-leg, long version. You’re probably going to go with a classic straight-leg version, so I suggest the same idea when you’re buying hoops.”

And—to keep Fisher’s analogy going— just like denim, the hoop is versatile. It can be the most casual earring (like those early-Covid sweats) or be a minimal accent for an evening outfit (an outdoor-dining-friendly look and cocktail attire). Below, find our guide to the best hoop earrings.

Medium Hoops

Bigger than a huggie (meaning a hoop that “hugs” the ear) and smaller than a look-at-me-hoop, the medium hoop is an essential for every collection. It’s a classic pairing for pretty much every outfit under the sun.

Image may contain: Cuff

Completedworks gold stratum earrings

Image may contain: Hook

Khiry Isha sterling silver hoop earring

Image may contain: Jewelry, Accessories, Accessory, and Earring

Bottega Veneta coiled sterling-silver hoop earrings

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Image may contain: Platinum

Tiffany & Co. 1837 hoop earrings

Large Hoops

Larger hoops are more of a fashion statement than their smaller, or even more colorful, counterparts. They’re perfect for any evening ensemble or for a daytime event where attitude is necessary.

1 theodora warre

Theodora Ware large gold-plated hoop earrings

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Jennifer Fisher 3” thread gold-plated hoop earrings

Image may contain: Jewelry, Accessories, Accessory, and Earring

Jenny Bird doune slim hoop earrings

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Adriana Orsini Veritas 18-karat gold-plated large twist hoop earrings

Real Gold Hoops

A lot of hoop options are dipped or plated, partly to keep price low and to keep the bigger styles light enough not to drag the earlobe down. But these real gold options are all under $500 and designed not to be too heavy.

Image may contain: Cuff

Aurate Infinity Huggie earrings

Image may contain: Hoop

Stone and Strand medium hollow hoop earrings

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Lana small wire Magic hoops with diamonds


The M Jewlers endless small 10-karat gold hoop earrings


Kinn Studio Double Knives Edge earrings

Gold and Silver Hoops

Gone is the faux-pas of mixing metals, now it’s time to embrace it. These gold and silver hoops are the perfect combination that will work with all the pieces of your jewelry collection.

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Lagos silver & 18-karat gold caviar hoop earrings

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Lizzie Fortunato hoops in mixed metal

Image may contain: Horseshoe

Emma Pills on my mind hoops

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David Yurman cable collectible hoop earrings with 14-karat gold

Colorful Hoops

Colorful hoops won’t likely be the first pair you purchase, but they will be the most fun style in your collection. Perfect with a crisp white tee shirt or blouse, they’re an easy option full of character.

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Panconesi blue upside down hoop earrings

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Bea Bongiasca gold, silver, and enamel earrings


Melissa Kaye Cristina 18-karat gold single hoop earring

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Swarovski lucent crystal hoop earrings

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