A Saloon For The Downtown Fashion Set

Evan Mock, the 25-year-old skateboarder, “Gossip Girl” actor and Calvin Klein model, was cast in amber light, leaning up against a pine wall at the River, a new bar on Bayard Street in Manhattan’s Chinatown.

He was chatting with two of the bar’s owners: Aaron Aujla, 36, and Benjamin Bloomstein, 34, the men behind Green River Project — an of-the-moment design firm known for its dark, tactile, wood-forward interiors and furniture. “This place is about 30 percent mahogany — that’s pine, that’s ash,” said Mr. Aujla, pointing to variations in the floor and furniture.

Mr. Mock, a handy guy himself, ruminated about buying a chain saw. He had used one to cut wood for a makeshift hot tub. Then the conversation shifted seamlessly to fashion. Mr. Mock was wearing a vintage Carhartt jacket that had been upcycled by Bentgablenits, a rarefied fashion label that has collaborated with Byredo and Levi’s. “Pharrell’s manager put me on to them,” Mr. Mock said. “They’re coming up.”

Source hungryforbalance.com