Alan Scott, Advisor of Railgun: Privacy on ETH

If you ever need to be transparent, RAILGUN can generate a verifiable report of your actions and balances (for an auditor or compliance officer, for example), with a privacy-preserving Zero-Knowledge method.

A small community of passionate and skilled privacy enthusiasts, Alan Scott being one of them, are developing RAILGUN, a privacy and anonymity system built directly on-chain on Ethereum, from which you can interact directly with DEXs, lending platforms, and popular smart contract applications.

On this episode of The Grit Daily Podcast, Alan came to explain what RAILGUN is and how it keeps your actions secret, protecting your privacy, and allows you to keep your identity secret – thus giving you anonymity.

RAILGUN does this without you ever having to leave the safety and liveliness of Ethereum and its booming ecosystem. Not only that, RAILGUN will bring its revolutionary advantages to other blockchain ecosystems in rapid succession.

This means your funds will still be hidden from the public, but you can provide evidence of the sources to your chosen colleague or recipient. The goal of RAILGUN is not to strip away the third-party verifiability of actions taken on-chain, but rather to give back to users the power to choose who sees what, when, and why.