Bikini Line Hair Removal for 2022

If you shave your bikini line, you know just how f*cking uncomfortable ingrown hairs or razor burns are. NGL, in the past, I lowkey accepted that those angry red bumps and hairs were just things you had to get used to when you shaved your bikini line. I mean, that’s the main reason why I used to avoid razors completely and book waxing sessions instead. But after a ~vent~ session with a friend, I realized that redness and irritation don’t have to be a part of the package deal every time you pick up your razor. Yup, if shaving is your thing, all it takes is the proper technique and the right products to make sure you never have to deal with a bikini line from hell again.

So to help you out, we hit up hair removal experts and a dermatologist— hi, Lillian Tung, Laura Schubert, and Elyse Love, MD—for the must-dos when it comes to shaving your bikini line. You’re welcome in advance.

Meet the experts:

  • Lillian Tung is the co-owner and founder of hair removal brand Fur, which stands to destigmatize the conversation surrounding pubic hair.
  • Laura Schubert is the other co-owner and founder of Fur.
  • Elyse Love, MD, is a board-certified, NYC-based dermatologist at GlamDerm. Dr. Love recently spoke to Cosmo regarding razor burn.

    What is your bikini line?

    Okay, it may seem simple, but QQ: do you actually know what the “bikini line” means or where it refers to? Well, its OG definition referred to the hair and skin that was visible around a bikini bottom, but now people consider the “bikini line” to be any skin that grows pubic hair (aka your vulva).

    Is it bad to shave your bikini line?

    Nah, it’s not bad to shave your bikini line if hair removal is your thing. Plus, shaving your bikini line is a great option for folks who don’t have the pain tolerance to deal with waxing or the $$ for laser hair removal. Plus, if you’re shaving your bikini line correctly, there’s nothing to stress about.

    Now that all of the basics are out of the way, it’s time to get to the good stuff. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind when shaving your bikini line…

    How to shave your bikini line

    1. Make sure you have the right razor

    The difference in whether you’re left with bumps or smooth-ass skin comes down to one very important tool: your razor. Okay, it’s not everything, but it does play a big role. You want to make sure you have a razor with a very, very sharp blade. A dull one will drag against your skin and lead to ingrowns and razor burn (the most annoying).

    Another key tip for a smooth shave? Your razor needs to be kept super clean—otherwise, you risk irritation, or even worse, infection. Give it a quick rinse before you shave to make sure it’s not clogged up with dead skin or hair.

    2. Prep your bikini line

    Exfoliating before you shave is also a major key (but, absolutely don’t use a physical exfoliant after). Both Tung and Schubert agree that using a gentle physical scrub, like one of the picks below, is the way to go. Exfoliating buffs away the product buildup, oil, and dead skin cells that are sitting on the surface of your skin—if you don’t get rid of that layer, your razor could be pushing all of that gunk further into your pores, which can lead to ingrowns.

    3. Always apply shaving cream

    You should always use shaving cream, says Tung. Putting a razor against your skin without a buffer is basically a recipe for some major irritation. And if you don’t have a shaving cream on hand, a creamy body wash works in a pinch too.

    4. Shave in the direction of your hair growth

    The direction definitely matters. Your pubic hair is thicker than the hair on the rest of your body and the skin in that area is ultra-delicate, so you want to shave in the same direction as your natural hair growth to avoid any bumps and redness. According to Schubert, you want to shave using short, small strokes—not long sweeps—and if your pubes are long, give them a quick trim with hair scissors before using your razor.

    5. Layer on a post-shave moisturizer

    You want to use a product that’s hydrating and soothing after you shave your bikini line, says Tung. So work in a post-shave serum or lotion to make sure your skin stays soft long after you shave.

    What do you do if you get razor burn or an ingrown hair on your bikini line?

    Although it may be tempting to pick, prod, and rub everything in your beauty stash on the problem area, avoid doing so. It’s important to keep it simple in this situation. Apply a gentle moisturizer—or one of the treatments below—to the affected area once a day, and then at night, apply an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream. Just promise me, no harsh, physical exfoliants (i.e., body scrubs), kk?

    Because the bikini line is a sensitive area on your body, it’s more prone to razor burn and ingrown hairs (which, two words: effing sucks). Razor burn and ingrown hairs will typically resolve on their own, Dr. Love has explained to Cosmo, adding that if you’re looking for relief (which, like, aren’t we all?!), a warm compress (i.e., a warm, wet washcloth) can be applied a few times a day for 10-15 minutes, which can help to dislodge the ingrown hair faster and soothe the razor burn.

    If you’re looking to treat stubborn ingrown hair, in addition to the warm compress, you can apply a chemical exfoliant to the hair. Gentle chemical exfoliation with lactic and glycolic acid can help to break down a clogged hair follicle. Just know, if after a week the area doesn’t clear, you should head to a derm for an in-office treatment or prescription.

    The final verdict

    If you’re over your body hair and want to shave your bikini line, go for it! You just want to keep these steps in mind: exfoliate beforehand, use a sharp, clean razor, don’t shave against the grain, and moisturize after. The result? The hairless, smooth-as-hell skin of your dreams.

    Why trust Cosmo?

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    Ama Kwarteg was previously the associate beauty editor at Cosmopolitan, and has years of experience writing about beauty news across print and digital. Her bikini hair removal picks were based on product reviews, ratings, and dermatologist recommendations.

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