Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle Set Joint Stand-Up Show In London On September 3rd : Entertainment

I miss when Dave was told jokes

It’s funny whenever people say this they’re almost always idiots who think Chappelle started by telling one liners to a room full of drunkards

Chappelle started by telling stories that would unfold into comedy as they went along, the Diner story, the Nightlcub story, the Backstage story. They’re probably not his best work but they’re what he started out with and kept doing for almost 20 years. And more importantly what made him famous

The funny thing is that he always poked fun at black people, white people, Asians, gays and droves of other minorities. He made fun of people like OJ Simpson and other notorious criminals with long monologues. And now people only care when it’s cool to stand up for 1 minority but not another. Selective compassion.

There’s a pretty good quote from a review of one of his sketch shows:

”Dave Chappelle swings at everyone, if you get hit that’s on you”

Seems like you’ve either gotten old and soured or you’re genuinely not old enough to remember who Chappelle has always been.

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