Expand Your Mind At The Best Cannabis Museums In The U.S.

THE FIRST THING YOU SEE upon entering the Core Social Justice Cannabis Museum in Boston is a digital stained glass window stamped with the word “Cannfessional.” Behind it sits a small sound booth wrapped in cloud-print wallpaper, with a glowing neon chair and a microphone hanging from the ceiling. Facing the chair on the wall is a TV with a camera mounted on top. This is the place for speaking your truth.

The museum’s Cannfessional encourages participants to record themselves telling stories of cannabis use, prompting dialog with questions like “How does cannabis help you?” and, “Describe your first cannabis experience” (you can also bear witness online from home). Responses illustrate the range of cannabis usage—from recreational to medical and everything in between—collected for future showcases in a bid to destigmatize the plant. When you’re done confessing, pop in your email address, and a copy of your video is sent to you.

The purpose of the Cannfessional mirrors most of the museums on this list: to normalize cannabis use, be it by placing it in the context of history, showing how drug laws have disproportionately affected minority communities, illustrating its social proliferation, promoting its benefits, or simply keeping it in the public conversation. Only in recent history has the drug created so much controversy.

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