Horoscope for the Week of June 6, 2022, Weekly Horoscope

Overview: Walk the talk! Wednesday’s Grand Earth Trine between the Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn helps you practice what you teach/preach. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction opens you to the possibility of more possibilities where you could use it the most—finances and relationships!

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Center yourself, Aries! A Grand Earth Trine on Wednesday helps you find emotional health through routine, clarify and live your values, and find your power on the job. A Venus-Uranus conjunction on Saturday wants you to find new ways of financial freedom by staying open to surprise and trying something new.


You’re a work in progress and you’re whole, Taurus! A Grand Earth Trine on Wednesday empowers you to ground down in confidence, speak your truth even when it’s vulnerable, and find ways to break bad habits so you can learn healthier ones. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction in your sign wants you to incorporate new innovative strategies that help you cultivate the relationships you deserve.


Happy birthday, Gemini! Wednesday’s Grand Earth Trine has you wrapping your heart around an emotion you’re feeling, a deep truth you want to share, and a particular thing you need to let go of. Be gentle, gracious, and steadfast with yourself. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction wants you to lean on apologies and forgiveness for healing and closure.


Curiosity looks so good on you, Cancer! Wednesday’s Grand Earth Trine wants you to use your words and questions carefully to understand how language helps you connect to yourself, your friends, and your relationship. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction empowers you to reconnect with the people you’ve been missing!


Deep breath, Leo! Wednesday’s Grand Earth Trine grounds you down in mindfulness and helps you learn the power of the pause. You might be easily provoked this week, and Wednesday wants you to learn how to stay regulated, calm, and curious—not furious. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction connects you to the people who can make your career dreams come true!


Let your heart lead, Virgo! A Grand Earth Trine on Wednesday connects you to courage and your most authentic desires. Live more poetically, not just productively. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction inspires you to expand your relational horizons through education and travel to help you see love and romance a little differently.

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Time to let go, Libra. A Grand Earth Trine on Wednesday inspires you to release yourself from all the limiting beliefs, patterns, and relationships that hold you back from your highest and most integrity-driven self. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction wants you innovate a new way of finding pleasure, intimacy, and truth-telling with those you trust.


Call your girls, Scorpio! Wednesday’s Grand Earth Trine is a social one, and you’ll be the belle of the ball—connecting with your friends, flirting with life, and feeling yourself. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction is a romantic one if you’re willing to integrate opposites-attract style thinking into your relationship.


Ground down, Sag! Wednesday’s Grand Earth Trine has you finding greater stability, tranquility, and calm. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction wants you to try a different habit that helps you relationally connect to others. Start small—ask more open-ended questions, for example—and see what happens!


You love an “Ah-ha!” moment, Cap! Wednesday’s Grand Earth Trine has you holding a key wisdom that can be applied quickly. When you know better, you do! Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction inspires you to be vulnerable and share your thoughts, emotions, and hopes are with someone who needs to hear them.


What’s your truth, Aquarius? A Grand Earth Trine on Wednesday brings up an emotional awareness that needs to be accepted, understood, and even communicated in order to bring you closer to more meaningful relationships. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction wants to connect you to the people, places, and feelings you deserve for emotional safety.


Use your words, Pisces! A Grand Earth Trine on Wednesday inspires you to communicate your desires and emotions accurately to people who want to understand them. Saturday’s Venus-Uranus conjunction wants you to proactively ask questions, speak your observations, and be your brainiest self.

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