How Doula And Mother Synmia Rosine Heals Herself From The Inside Out

What are some pieces that you’ve let go of since becoming a mom?

Oh my! Definitely polyester, poly-fiber materials, and leather. It was tough to let go of some of my iconic vintage pieces but the transition into wearing more eco-conscious materials needed to be done.

What are you wearing these days?

When I’m on my land, I’m in my 1950s overalls I’ve had on repeat for the last 30 weeks of my pregnancy. When I’m feeling like I want to elevate my look, I’ll throw on an et Tigre piece with some denim. When I want to be cozy, it is classic sweats by the local L.A. brand All the Babies at the moment, or Elder Statesmen for that extra cozy pop. These days, I like to keep it vintage, locally sourced, and sustainable. A natural fiber, biodegradable moment.

Talk to us about your waist beads.

Waist beads are an ancient African technology used in many different ways for many different reasons: traditional, spiritual, and cultural. As someone who can often get lost in their headspace or the energies, my waist beads literally tether me to my physical form, reminding me to slow down and be in the here and now. They tell me to check in with myself holistically: Am I nourished? Hydrated? They act as a grounding tool for me, especially in my pregnancy. When I look down at them or hold them in my hands it creates a sense of lightness, connectedness, appreciation of me, and added security for me and my tiny seed growing inside me.

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