Inside La La Anthony’s Epic Met Gala Getting Ready Process

Even before La La Anthony attended her first Met Gala, she knew that she’d have to deliver on the red carpet. “Years ago, I remember always saying, ‘if I ever go to the Met Gala, I’m it,’” Anthony shared while getting ready for 2022’s ceremony at The Plaza Hotel. “That was my bar for fashion. When you get invited, it’s such an honor and an amazing thing, so you just want to have a good time and take it all in.” 

This year Anthony did more than enjoy the Met’s ambiance. As host of the show’s livestream she chatted with attendees and caught up with old friends as they made their way up the museum’s steps. Anthony, who got her start as a radio DJ in her teens before heading to MTV to co-host 2000s favorite, Total Request Live, has plenty of experience chatting with stars. Still, it’s been a minute since she’s taken on the role of interviewer. “I haven’t hosted in a while,” says Anthony. “So just as long as my son is somewhere close by and I can talk to him, that’s my good luck charm.” 

With makeup artist Rokael Lizama creating a dark eye-shadow look inspired by Aaliyah’s vampire ruler in Queen of the Damned and hairstylist Shanice Battle giving the star scalp massage before finishing up a “snatched” ponytail, Anthony was head-to-toe gorgeous. Dressed by good friend Laquan Smith, she offered her interpretation of the night’s gilded glamour theme. “Your initial thoughts are corsets and bustles and big [with] gloves, but I think there’s a way to put a modern twist on that,” says Anthony. “I wanted to use a black designer; I wanted it to feel like me, but I still wanted it to be on theme and feel like [LaQuan], we get each other, and I think we came to a great place. I love that it’s a bodysuit and a wrap skirt but in a super high-end, done way.” 

A Met Gala regular since 2011’s “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” exhibition, Anthony was the perfect person to serve as host. “It’s a great room with amazing people from all parts of entertainment, sports, politics, art, and fashion,” says Anthony. “So it’s fun just to mix and mingle.” 

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