It’s Emma Rogue’s Downtown Now

Mr. Benton was in New York from Michigan for the event, which drew about 300 people. The store, he said, was “an adorableness magnet.” Encouraged by the Gen Z interest, he’s in the process of bringing back the brand later this year.

Crowds like that have become de rigueur for Ms. Rogue. On weekends, her block — Stanton Street between Eldridge and Forsyth — can seem like an impromptu runway show. Lately she has been woven into New York Nico’s tapestry of colorful city characters. He took Post Malone to the store, where he bought oodles of vintage T-shirts, tried on a denim shirt overlaid with patchwork Louis Vuitton logo leather and embellished with a leash — made by Ari Serrano, one of Rogue’s designer friends — and exclaimed, “This place is awesome!”

In the future, Ms. Rogue wants to carry more of her independent designer friends, and maybe clothes of her own design. And her plan extends beyond the retail location. She has almost 575,000 followers on TikTok between her personal and shop accounts, and she has become an on-the-street interviewer, chatting up the people who come to her shop about their outfits and style preferences.

She sees that as the beginning of a media platform. She also has her eye on a location to build a cafe where her crew can spend the day loitering and can accommodate parties at night — an all-in-one Rogue experience — and plans to do a Roguefest bringing together clothing sellers, musical performances, panels and carnival games.

“I don’t want to operate on anyone else’s terms,” she said. “Sometimes my mind just goes too fast, and I get these crazy ideas that I know I can’t execute now. But, like, I want to so bad.”