Jackie Brennan – Co-Founder of Fyli: Karim with Linqto [GritDaily House SXSW]

Jaclynn Brennan is the co-Founder of Fyli,(pronounced FEE-LEE) which stands for “tribe”, a female mastermind membership community. Fyli focuses on educational masterclasses, accountability, peer-to-peer mentorship, leadership advancement, and funding opportunities for early-stage female founders. Jaclynn is a creative director with over 12 years of experience with various luxury brands.

On this episode of The Grit Daily Podcast, Jackie explained what Fyli is, a mastermind community- a peer-to-peer leadership group focused on purpose and accountability. We have created a 360 ecosystem of support for female founders including education/masterclasses, networking, accountability pairing, and resource sharing.

Jennifer Johnson is the Booking Producer for Grit Daily’s podcasts.

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