Kathy Griffin Calls Johnny Depp ‘bloated Boozebag’ Amid Amber Heard Verdict : Entertainment

Well look, she is entitled to her opinion but it’s clear she didn’t watch the trial. I did. All of it. Heard was caught in so many pointless lies while Depp owned his failures and came off as authentic. Heard had no direct evidence of any of her claims and the audio of her and Depp supported the diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and histrionic PD.

Don’t believe me then go watch her Cross-examination

Here is a compilation with all the attorney channels and Asmongold for some reason:

But we live in a world where feelings are more important than facts – and that’s true for both the left and the right.

It seems those of us that really do care about the truth and facts and integrity are sitting on a lone island shivering amidst a turbulent sea raging from both sides.

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