Marilyn Manson Sexual Assault Case Likely Won’t Amount To Charges : Entertainment

I’ve had the “blessing” of supporting a few people through filing assault complaints. It’s fucking awful. Just awful. All of them were initially treated like they were lying by both the hospital staff and police. Out of the 30 people I interacted with or witnessed interactions, 5 were genuine in supporting the alleged victim. Only one was in law enforcement.

None of these complaints went to court. All of them were told the assault wasn’t violent enough or they were sympathic enough. All of the victims were billed for their rape kits.

I was a witness of another case and that one was pretty terrible. The detective kept asking me if she was flirting or talking about getting laid or something like that. This led me to believe it was a stranger assault, so I say no and I didn’t see anyone men around us. He said, “oh she named the guy. I just want to know if she talked about hooking up with someone or if she was in that kind of mood.” Wtf.

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