Packing For Cannes With Léa Seydoux’s Stylist

Creating the perfect Cannes Film Festival photo op requires a lot of preparation. For Léa Seydoux and her stylist, Alexandra Imgruth, the process began way back in March, a month before the films were announced. As two movies that Seydoux starred in, Mia Hansen-Love’s One Fine Morning and David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future ended up premiering at Cannes, the preparation was definitely necessary. “Back in March 2022 I knew that if we were going to go Cannes we weren’t going to be doing looks that weren’t expected from us,” Imgruth says. “Léa and I were keen to do something different from our most recent, very glam and glitzy looks—a bit more European, edgy while remaining true to the French chic. We wanted to be sexy and make black interesting and ‘not safe.’ I think we succeeded on both fronts.” Judging by the headlines Seydoux made for her the short-suit and floral tie she chose for the photocall of Crimes of the Future, she succeeded. 

Seydoux also wore a black cape dress with a latex bodice to Cannes 75th anniversary gala, a slouchy gray suit to the premiere of One Fine Morning, and an embellished gown with stripes of lace and lacquered black fabric to the premiere of Crimes of the Future. Imgruth wanted to incorporate the themes of Cronenberg’s body-horror thriller in each look, and Seydoux wanted to channel an edgier vibe for 2022, hence the latex and vinyl. Designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, the wardrobe combined boyish insouciance with femme fatale glamour. Imgruth had gone “deep into [his] archives” to find inspiration for the two custom gowns she wore on the red carpet. 

So how do you pack for such an event? Imgruth began with a styling kit suitcase filled to the brim with socks, bras, bodysuits, and more underpinnings so they would never need to worry. She traveled to France with six suitcases including a garment bag of some of Seydoux’s looks. Upon landing in Nice, she and Seydoux headed to the Louis Vuitton showroom to pick up the rest. As a Cannes regular, Seydoux had a full schedule and ran on “pure adrenaline,” according to Imgruth. Though she always looked camera ready, thanks to months of preparation. Below, see how it all came together.