Selena Gomez Breaks Up With Man-Baby Boyfriend In Parody ‘SNL’ Sketch

Perhaps pulling from her own romantic history, Selena Gomez hilariously took aim at emotionally stunted adult men during her “Saturday Night Live” hosting debut over the weekend.

In a sketch parodying the long-running Japanese show “Old Enough!,” in which real-life toddlers run errands for their parents, a frustrated Gomez has a mission for her boyfriend, played by Mikey Day.

In this version, titled “Old Enough! Longterm Boyfriend,” the titular (and, might we add, heavily swoop-haired) significant other has only two tasks to complete: procuring a specific shade of eye pencil from Sephora and bringing home two shallots.

Before sending him on his journey, Gomez suits up her boyfriend for the adventure, equipping him with a canteen and a yellow flag with the word “STOP” to alert oncoming traffic just like in the original series.

“He’s only 34,” a hilarious voice-over says in the clip, as Day crosses the street by himself. “Wow, so brave!”

Predictably, Day fares less well than his infant counterparts. After finding his way to Sephora (despite a major distraction from an Ana de Armas poster), he quickly becomes overwhelmed, resulting in a mid-aisle emotional meltdown.

Day, however, manages to leave the store relatively unscathed before crossing paths with a fellow toddler-esque boyfriend (Kenan Thompson) in the wild and heading to the market.

When he eventually returns back to their apartment, Gomez somewhat disappointingly inspects his findings.

“I’m really proud of him,” she said. “Last night, I asked him to get me an eyeliner pencil and two shallots and he brought home 10 pounds of onions and a blush palette for African American women, so we should just break up.”

Elsewhere in her hosting debut, which featured Post Malone as a musical guest, Gomez opened the show with a Miley Cyrus impression and joked about her single status, prompting various cast members to woo her.

Gomez previously dated both Nick Jonas and Justin Bieber with the latter on-again, off-again romance spanning seven years. She was also linked to R&B superstar The Weeknd in 2017 before the two split after 10 months of dating.

The Disney Channel alum first appeared on “SNL” in 2016 as a musical guest, performing her hits “Same Old Love” and “Hands to Myself.”

Watch the full sketch below.

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