Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning: Upright, Reversed, Keywords

Okay, who’s hiding something?? When the Seven of Swords appears in a tarot reading, this is often the first thought that comes to mind…after the shock, horror, and disappointment wears off. Yes, this is a trickster card! Before you get carried away, know that it’s going to be okay! Remember, there are no bad tarot cards, just lessons we can learn from them—and this tarot card offers an opportunity to dig a little deeper to uncover some deceptions in your current situation.

Someone might not be outright lying here, but something is up. Maybe they aren’t being crystal clear with their motivations or what they are really up to. Or perhaps, my darling, YOU are the one who is being a little less than honest! Are you bending the truth in order to get what you want or get away with something?

Seven of Swords Keywords

Deception, betrayal, trickery, lies, secrets, sneaky, strategic, a confession

Seven of Swords Upright Meaning

There are so many reasons why people resort to lying. It could be that they think they are sparing the other person’s feelings; they feel embarrassed and are attempting to cover it up; or there is something a little more uncaring and thoughtless going on. Whatever it is, it’s incredibly manipulative and breaks down trust. When someone enacts deception like this, they rarely think about how it will affect the other person emotionally—but when all is revealed, the after-effects can be long-lasting and even downright damaging. Whatever is going on here, regardless of the reason, you need to find out what’s what. Sometimes we can move forward from a deception and rebuild trust, and other times, it’s all just too far gone. Forgive and forget isn’t as easy as it sounds, and either way, it’s time to handle the situation once and for all.

If something doesn’t feel right in your current situation, then it probably isn’t. Don’t second-guess yourself or your instincts! Tap into your intuition in order to discern what feels off, and pay attention to what you find within yourself. If you fear someone is being dishonest with you, it’s time for a confrontation. Give them an opportunity to ‘fess up and let you know what’s up so you can decide how to move forward. The truth always comes out.

Seven of Swords Reversed Meaning

Let’s have a little check-in. Are you being honest with yourself? Do you REALLY want to be doing what you are currently doing, or have you convinced yourself to keep going because it’s what you feel like you SHOULD want? Or maybe you are refusing to see your current situation for what it really is while ignoring your intuition…and your bestie who keeps questioning you in that annoyingly sweet, concerning way? Don’t do yourself the disservice of betraying your own happiness. If this isn’t working or isn’t good enough, it’s time to face reality and make some changes.

Certain situations do not show a clear or direct path in order to navigate how to move forward. In these cases, we must be strategic in order to get what we want. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but you must put yourself and your priorities first. Instead of procrastinating or running away from your responsibilities, be more direct and say no to what you truly cannot take on right now. It might disappoint others in the moment, but ultimately, this is a far better option than being overwhelmed or unable to deliver. This is the end to people-pleasing over your own wellbeing and mental health.

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