Shootings Near Milwaukee Bucks Playoff Game Left 3 Dead, 24 Wounded – Deadline

UPDATE: Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson has imposed a new curfew after three shootings in which 21 people were shot. A state of emergency declaration in the city has also been issued.

The curfew started at 11 PM Saturday and runs through Monday at 5:30 AM. It will be for anyone younger than 21 years old.

Officers will target teens who are loitering or otherwise acting unlawfully, Individuals exempt from the order are “going to work, government officials, social service workers, and credentialed members of the press acting in their official capacity.”

A Game 7 watch party outside of the Milwaukee Bucks arena has been canceled because of Friday’s night’s violence in the city.

“The shootings that happened in downtown Milwaukee last night were horrific and we condemn this devastating violence,” the team said in a statement Saturday. “We are grateful to local law enforcement for its valiant efforts to try to contain what was a dangerous and fluid situation. While these incidents took place outside of Deer District property, it clearly resonated with fans coming out of the arena and leaving the plaza. Security, health and welfare are always our top priorities for our guests and employees and we appreciate the hard work of our security team to keep our fans safe.”

The statement continued, “In order to allow law enforcement to devote needed resources to the continued investigation of last night’s events, we have decided to cancel tomorrow’s planned watch party on the plaza. Deer District businesses will remain open as usual. We continue to work with the Milwaukee Police Department and other public safety partners to provide a safe and welcoming environment for our fans. We plan to have further details soon.”

Officials now say at least 21 people were injured in three separate shootings near the entertainment district where thousands gathered for an NBA playoff game on Friday night.

All of the victims are expected to survive and ten people were taken into custody.

EARLIER: Milwaukee had a night of major violence on Friday, with shootings leaving three dead and 24 wounded

Two of the incidents took place near Fiserv Forum, where the Milwaukee Bucks hosted the Boston Celtics in an NBA playoff game. Reports indicate 17 people were wounded during a shootout after the game in Milwaukee’s Water Street Bar District, a few blocks east of the arena.

Police said 10 arrests resulted in nine guns confiscated. All of the victims in the area are expected to survive. That incident was preceded by another in the area in which three people were shot while the game was in progress at the Fiserve Forum .

“Everybody started running,” witness Brittany Bergstrom told Fox 6. “There was a stampede, people running over the shrubs, hats, shoes on the ground, drinks spilled everywhere.”

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