Size? Creators Series – New Balance

Introducing our latest drop for the size? Creators Series – featuring Helen Kirkum and Mariah Esa. Over the past two years we have worked with brands to support and showcase creatives and customisation, from up and coming designers to fully-fledged fashion luminaries.

Showcasing and giving platforms to creators is something close to our hearts at size?, we are now super-excited to have been given access to one of our community’s favourite brands and a new roster of creatives this season.

flimby newbalance0148

Taking place at the seminal New Balance Factory in Flimby, UK – which is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2022 – we offered the chance for two very select creatives to head there and create their own 1-of-1 bespoke piece that showcases their unique talents created using excess premium fabrics and off-cuts found at Flimby.

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Firstly, joining us will be Helen Kirkum, a footwear designer, member of the British Fashion Council NEWGEN cohort and certified Cordwainer renowned for her unique styles and pushing for more sustainability and less waste within the industry. She uses recycled sneakers and offcuts from older shoes to craft her silhouettes.

flimby newbalance0184

Also joining us is Mariah Esa; a much publicised clothing designer with her own independent label specialising in using recycled materials and fashion brand ‘waste’. As well as being a Graduate Fashion Foundation alumni and award winner, repurposing clothing is central to everything Mariah does.

flimby newbalance0188

Stay tuned for updates on the pieces Helen and Mariah produced.

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