Spencer Phipps Teams Up With Boss On A Collection That Has “Environmental Responsibility At Its Heart”

The diversely cast, desert-shot, and digital hit fashion show—with over 30 million YouTube views and counting—that was Boss’s recent Dubai activation featured one especially surprising model: Spencer Phipps.

Now menswear’s most progressive peak-climbing pogonophile has partnered with the German giant once again, this time on a two-drop collaborative collection that launches today. According to Boss, it marks the first time the company has partnered with another fashion brand. True to the smaller brand’s practice, the collection is chiefly upcycled from existing garments and deadstock fabrics and where not—as in the pineapple leather retro climbing sneakers—uses sustainable materials.

Boss-wise, the chief architect of the collection was Marco Falcioni, who recently assumed the mantle as Senior Vice President Creative Direction at the brand. Falcioni, whose beard is every bit as big as Phipps’s, said: “I love what we’ve managed to create. Our clashing aesthetics create a beautiful contradiction—one that has environmental responsibility at its heart.”

The collection is chiefly upcycled from existing garments and deadstock fabrics.

Photo: Courtesy of Boss

Speaking down a Teams call, Phipps said: “Marco definitely instigated it. What I wanted to do was take them out of their comfort zone a little and make something that felt more Phipps, more funky and weird.”

Fine funky/weird examples include the garment dyed cargo shorts and bucket hats sewn from disassembled deadstock tailoring: “those quintessential Boss jackets that every guy with a job might wear for casual Friday.” Organic cotton t-shirts were given a Phipps-ish twist via tie-dye and ironically motivational slogans—such as “Don’t cross the Boss” or “Awaken your inner Boss”—and there is a co-branded eagle-print hoodie. “The idea was to produce something that was inspiring and positive and fun, an easy collection for the summer whose pieces are also cool and interesting.”

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