The Extreme Nail Artist With Equally Out-Of-This-World Style

While many people’s ensemble might hinge on the right shoe or bag, Kawajiri’s main accessory are her nails. She treats them as if they were a piece of sentimental jewelry, and without them she feels naked. Fun fact: She refuses to wear rings. “It just doesn’t make sense!” she says. No, the fingertips are the center of her look. “I always want something extreme in my body. Some people have a crazy tattoo or crazy makeup or crazy body shape, but I don’t have any of those,” she says. “I’m pretty normal and then I just find that a nail is a place where I create something crazy and extreme.”

In her shoot with Vogue, Kawajiri opted for a Comme des Garçons black jumper, a calm backdrop for her nails which were tacked with foot-long swathes of red hair. For continuity, Kawajiri wore a pair of Tabi platform sandals which she affixed the same handfuls of hair to. “The nail is the last thing for me to become myself,” she says. Ultimately, Kawajiri’s philosophy comes down to one thing, or in her case, 10.

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