These Are The 9 Best Cartier Perfumes For Women

There’s something about that little red box. Yeah, you know the one with gold script adorning it. For fashion people, the Cartier Love bracelet is an investment piece that can be worn with any and everything. The same can be said for Cartier’s fragrances. With a range of scent options from floral to musk, much like the brand’s coveted jewelry, any perfume you select will complement your wardrobe with ease. Now, fragrance isn’t all about you—even though we wish that was always the case. Perfume is also the perfect gift for loved ones in your life for any occasion.

From birthdays to holidays, fragrance is the gift that keeps on giving long after said special occasion has passed. Now, selecting the right one for yourself or someone you love does require a bit of research, and in the case of Cartier fragrances, we’ve taken the guesswork out and selected our top 20. They aren’t just one-note (pun intended). The legacy brand offers everything from fragrance to bodycare alongside discovery sets that give you (or a loved one) a chance to explore all the brand has to offer from an olfactory perspective.

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