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  • WIRED explored the rise of fast fashion brand Shein.
  • Speaking of fast fashion, The New York Times wondered when the fashion industry will achieve real sustainability.
  • Yahoo! News reported that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has introduced the country’s first federal bill that seeks to hold fashion brands accountable for their labor practices.
  • The New York Times looked into Miami’s recovery houses for plastic surgery.
  • Refinery29 explained what to say instead of “sorry” at work.
  • CNBC shared info on the average 401(k) balance of Americans of various ages.
  • NPR reported that abortion laws in Texas inhibit care for miscarriages.
  • The Guardian spoke to women who fought for abortion rights in the ’70s and are now calling for mass global protests.
  • Lifehacker listed five things in your home you should probably replace right now.
  • Your Laugh of the Week comes from The Belladonna, with “Off-Brand Advice Columnists Take Your Questions.”

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