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  • Fashionista wondered why we aren’t talking more about the environmental impact of petrochemicals in beauty products.
  • TimeOut New York noted that Century 21 is reopening its flagship NYC store.
  • Meanwhile, Allure reported that Bite Beauty is going out of business (and is having a 50%-off sale.)
  • Harvard Business Review advised how to make sure you won’t regret leaving one job for another.
  • The New York Times looked at why many people under 35 have stopped or slowed down their saving and retirement planning until “things get back to normal.”
  • WIRED noted that if Roe v. Wade is nullified, it could lead to further restrictions on the availability of abortion pills by mail, including across state lines.
  • NPR reported on how microbes in the vagina can impact health.
  • VICE offered “How To Make Friends, In Case You’ve Forgotten.”
  • NBC News shared that U.S. Soccer has announced that World Cup Prize money will be pooled between the men’s and women’s teams and split equally among all players.
  • Your Laugh of the Week comes from Points in Case, with “I Actually Do Have Time for Your Sick Little Games.”

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