Weekly Tarot Card Reading Horoscope by Sign, June 6, 2022

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


the four of wands tarot card, showing four golden keys on a white background near some diamonds and a pink full moon

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Keep a success (or several) going this week. The Four of Wands asks us all to celebrate our progress, acknowledge our growth, and build on what we’ve already done. No need to change things up—keep playing the game you’re already in! Figure out what the ~next level~ looks like and aim for it. This is a great week for us all to showcase our best and get ahead.


the tarot card the eight of pentacles, showing eight golden clocks in a line between two hands

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It’s your week to tap into that ~never give up~ streak you have. Some task or goal in your life has has gotten tiring, but you’re so close to a breakthrough! The Eight of Pentacles reassures you that the rewards are worthwhile, and you just need to keep working. Don’t give up!


the tarot card the knight of swords, showing a hand holding out a golden pen

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The Knight of Swords sees you in an uncharacteristically pushy, boisterous, and ambitious mood. You’re taking no prisoners this week! Whatever your number-one goal is right now, you’re going to make headway this week come hell or high water. No one can get in your way when you’re in this mood. Use this energy wisely and focus on something that needs this kind of power to get it going.


the king of cups tarot card, showing a golden goblet on a starry background with a full moon and crown shaped diamond behind it

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You’re a lot wiser than others might think. You can see people’s true intentions, and you’re very perceptive and analytical. Put this superpower to good use this week and help out someone who’s in distress, but hiding it. The King of Cups puts you in a nurturing and caring role, supporting other people, even if only by being there and listening. Show up for someone who you know, deep down, needs some support.


the tarot card the two of pentacles, showing two hands holding out two golden clocks

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Abundance is the theme of this card, which means you can go all-out this week. Invite as much newness into your world as you can fit into it, because more is more! However many plates you’re already spinning, add more. However many balls you’re juggling, add more. You can handle it. Not everything that you try out this week will stay, and that’s fine. Everything needs to move around, and then settle back down in the right place.


the tarot card the eight of swords, showing eight gold pens behind cutouts of lips and diamonds

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Stop fighting with yourself. You are second-guessing your decisions, and it’s not helpful. The Eight of Swords sees you being your own worst enemy right now. You’re not allowing yourself to enjoy success, or even just relax and be at peace. Identify this pattern, and then stop it. As soon as the mental voice starts up, distract yourself with something, anything—exercise, journaling, listening to music, whatever it takes. By the end of this week, you’ll have shut it up!


the tarot card strength, showing an eye on a full moon and a pair of lips upside down on a diamond, both in a starry sky

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You never give up or turn a task down. Duty is a powerful force in your life, and it makes you strong. It is your ~core~. The Strength card shows up to reward you for a job well done, a challenge overcome, or a problem solved. Take a moment to reflect on this theme. Think about something hard you’ve tackled recently. Appreciate the effort you put in. Celebrate yourself. And then take a life lesson from it.


the queen of swords tarot card, showing a golden pen in front of a full moon and a crown shaped diamond

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The Queen of Swords is a talisman for your star sign, because she rules the air element. You are ~feeling yourself~ this week! You’re taking action towards something rewarding in your life this week. This is certainly a solo project or activity. It’s mentally stimulating, and it plays to your unique strengths. Maybe it’s a new job, class, hobby, or creative activity. Whatever it is, it’s exactly what you should be doing, and it could even lead to bigger things in the future.


the fool tarot card showing two bottom halves of faces over a golden picture frame

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It’s time for a new beginning! The Fool is the tarot’s first card and it represents fresh starts, ones entered into with great enthusiasm and optimism. Sure, the road ahead will bring its challenges and trials, but right now, you’re feeling excited to set off on this journey. Whatever you’re thinking of starting, this is certainly the right week to do it.


a hand holds out seven golden pens over a diamond background

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Take care this week, Sagittarius, and play your cards closer to your chest than usual. Don’t put your foot in your mouth (it’s hard, I know!). Don’t expose a vulnerability to someone you’re not sure you can trust. The Seven of Swords advises caution this week, so stick to what and who you know. This shade will pass by soon.


the judgment tarot card showing eyes encircling a full moon

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Judgment brings a useful, positive, and game-changing ~wake up call~ to your world, so be on alert. You will realize something about your authentic strengths, power, and talent this week, and you’ll see how you can live more closely aligned with what makes you YOU. This epiphany will help you make some big decisions, maybe about work. You’re discovering your place in this world, and it starts with a bolt of self-awareness.


three of cups tarot card

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Get ready for a week of fun, Aquarius! You deserve this. The Three of Cups asks you to be spontaneous, seek pleasure, and spend time with your favorite people this week. Bring a dose of joy and fun into every hour of every day, and you’ll find yourself falling back in love with your wonderful life. Get busy living. Be happy.


the tarot card the magician, showing a hand reaching down to touch a star shaped diamond

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The Magician is a beautiful card about creativity, entrepreneurship, and making something using your natural talents. This could be a great time to start a creative hobby, take a class, apply for a new role or promotion, or start that side gig you’ve been thinking about. Good fortune is on your side this week, and the stars are aligning to give you whatever it is you need. Bring forth your ideas and make something of them.

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