Weekly Tarot Card Reading Horoscope by Sign, May 23, 2022

You don’t need to know the difference between a three-card and a Celtic cross spread to get the most out of a tarot card reading. All you need: your Sun sign! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from Aries to Pisces, plus one general card for everyone so that you can get specific advice around your personality. Let’s go!


four of cups

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We all have our own struggles. Life is a never-ending series of ups and downs, many of which can also be seen as opportunities to learn and grow. The Nine of Wands asks us all to take a “live and learn” attitude this week. All of your current issues are solvable—and more easily than you currently believe. Trust that you can do this. You are more capable and powerful than you realize.


the tarot card the page of pentacles, showing a golden clock and two eyes over a diamond and a starry sky

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Thinking about your education? The Page of Pentacles hints that you are. Whether it’s formal or informal, professional or just for fun, learning is on your fine. Look for how you can gain a new skill or hobby this week. It’s all about ~your mind~.


the tarot card the four of swords, showing four gold pens lined up by a diamond

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This could be your all-time favorite tarot card, Taurus because it’s basically a call to….CHILL OUT. Yes, your dream has come true: The tarot is advising a week of rest and relaxation. The Four of Swords reveals that you’re feeling stressed and exhausted, and you need a break. Take a much-needed time-out.


the tarot card the page of wands, showing a golden key next to a diamond

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What’s there to lose, Gemmy? Nothing. So what’s stopping you? Nothing! The Page of Wands urges you to take a risk and try whatever it is that has caught your attention. It doesn’t matter if you flop! It’s the experience that counts, and what it might lead to next. This week, run towards the things that interest you. You’ve got nothing to lose.


five of swords tarot card

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When you’re in the middle of a storm, Cancer, the only way out of it is through. Keep going! The Five of Swords sees you in the middle of a stressful conflict with someone who matters to you. Remember, it’s normal and natural to encounter these phases with people close to you. And if you can’t find a compromise, it’s okay to agree to disagree. Don’t add fuel to this fire. Move towards some kind of truce, resolution, or peaceful closure.


the tarot card the king of wands, showing a golden key over a full moon

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You are the King of Wands, Leo—it’s one of your sign’s tarot cards. Like you, he’s bold, playful, wise, strong, and a natural leader. You are ready to assume a role like that this week and be the leader the people around you really need. Use your self-confidence to boost others’ flagging self-esteem. Use your decisiveness to make some tough choices for everyone. Use your power to make things happen. This is you at your best.


ten of pentacles tarot card

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Long-term stability and security are the things you most want in life. You need to be sure of your ~safety net~ before you feel like you can indulge in anything less serious, and the Ten of Pentacles sees you weaving it this week. Whether it’s about home, work, money, or health, you’re putting measures in place to improve and maximize your position over the long term. Good for you. Keep at it.


nine of pentacles tarot card

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Luxury and leisure are your goals. You don’t mind working hard as long as there’s an end game. The Nine of Pentacles sees you creating a vision of what this luxurious and leisurely lifestyle could look like, and working backwards to see what steps you can take to make it a reality. You’re not playing here! You want to live like a Kardashian and life is short—it’s time to make moves. Go for it, Libra.


the tarot card the two of pentacles, showing two hands holding out two golden clocks

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Variety is the spice of life, or so they say, and that’s certainly the case for you this week, Scorpio. Think abundance and expansion. The Two of Pentacles urges you to open the doors and let new energy and opportunities into your world. Or better yet, fill your schedule with new activities, people, and places. Not everything you try this week will work out in the long-term, and that’s okay. You’re testing out new ideas, and even if you only commit to a few, it will be worthwhile.


the five of pentacles tarot card, showing five golden clocks arranged over a full green moon

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The Five of Pentacles shows that you’ve been nursing a private loss and struggling with it a little. It’s overwhelming your normally sunny disposition. It’s time to change that. The key thing here is to realize that you are not alone. First, you’re surrounded by people who love and and will support you if you open up. Second, there are others out there who share your experience. Look for groups, forums, Discords, etc. where you can read about or interact with others’ stories. It will help you feel less alone.


seven of cups tarot card

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You are a practical person. You like clear processes and tangible outcomes, rather than less defined possibilities. However, the Seven of Cups activates a new approach in you this week. You are using the “what if?” question to explore fresh ideas and insights about yourself. If you never take a leap of faith and dream big, then how can you ever really broaden your horizons? It’s time to dream a dream. You can get practical later.


the two of swords tarot card, showing two pens in front of a pair of eyes

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You’re facing a big, complicated decision this week. The Two of Swords takes no prisoners in procrastination! It asks you to concentrate on your choice this week. By the end of the week, you should have decided on a course of action and executed it. You might not make a perfect decision—it doesn’t matter, because you can only work with what you know right now. You can always make a new choice later on. Progress is what counts here, not perfection. Face the paralysis and get past it. NOW.


the tarot card the knight of cups, showing a hand holding a golden goblet

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Treat yourself, Pisces! You deserve a wonderful week filled with all of your favorite things and people. In fact, the tarot demands it! The Knight of Cups grants you permission to socialize, relax, get creative, and generally set your lifestyle mode to “pleasure.” We all need these kind of weeks. Life is hard. Work is demanding. Family and friend dynamics can be tiring. Let it all go this week and just have fun. Replenish your energy and optimism with a magical seven days!

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