What Is Trending In The Vintage World, According To Five Dealers

Does anything ever impact demand for certain items?

It’s funny because on days that I have to post new products on my shop site, I almost feel like I’m giving in to the trends. For instance, I have to stock the rimless Y2K Chanel shades because my clients Normani and Lori Harvey requested them, and now my other clients want them as well. I have to keep up with the MJ Kiki demand because the boots were just reissued. That’s cool, but I think the best demand is the one that’s created here at the office. No one is demanding Stephen Sprouse but I want to change that.

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Business: THERAIDENco (@theraidenco)

Owner: Raiden Francis

How long have you been in business:

Three years.

What pieces, designers, and eras do you source?

I’ve been purchasing a number of ready-to-wear commercial items and runway pieces. When searching for items I look for brands like Tom Ford for Gucci, Michael Kors for Celine, Alexander McQueen, [John] Galliano for Dior, Stella [McCartney] for Chloé, and Blumarine. The main eras I’ve noticed I usually source from are the ‘90s and early ‘00s.

What has been trending over the past year?

I must say the trends that are dominating my sales are accessories like Louis Vuitton pochettes and anything sparkly, embellished, and “barely there.” My clients love tube tops, silky halter dresses, embellished low-rise jeans, and oversized tinted sunglasses.

Why do you think you’re seeing these specific things trend?

I think during these dark times people want something sparkly and meaningful to them. My clients are wearing a version of their childhood security blanket, or a similar outfit to what their favorite character or celeb wore. And then styling these items make for a more playful dressing experience.

Does anything ever impact demand for certain items?

Typically what impacts demand will be how rare of an item it is. Was it a part of a memorable collection? Was it worn by a supermodel? These types of questions usually come from the fashion history buffs. However, all customers love and appreciate reference photos. They want to know who’s been wearing it, which celebs wore it in the past, and how it was styled.

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