Where to Find Interview Suits if You’re Pregnant

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Where the heck CAN you find interview suits if you’re pregnant? While many offices have relaxed their dress codes a bit over the past two years, you may still find yourself in need of a suit sometimes, even if you’re not job-hunting — and that can get complicated when you’re pregnant. Stylish maternity workwear is pretty limited, but good maternity suits (and even maternity blazers) are particularly lacking — especially over the past few years. It’s even tougher if you’re looking for plus-size maternity.

So what DO you wear to interviews and on “big career days” if your normal clothes no longer fit and your maternity clothes aren’t professional enough? Did you find a mythical maternity suit? Thrift one from an older collection? Buy a too-big maternity suit off the rack and tailor it? Wear two black pieces to “make” a suit? Or did you just shrug and wear whatever, like a dress and blazer?

(Another question: Do you think it matters how close to your due date you are, i.e., if you have one interview in week 39 it may not be a big deal to wear a blazer and dress, but if you have a three-month jury trial starting around Month 5, you may want to try to find an actual maternity suit?)

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Best Bets for Where to Find Maternity Suiting in 2022

Speaking of maternity resale sites, try checking places like eBay, Poshmark, and thredUP for maternity blazers and suits, particularly for hits from the past, such as suits from Theory or from A Pea in the Pod‘s suiting line. Also look for maternity suiting from Eva Alexander and Slacks & Co. (both no longer in business), and search Etsy for vintage or new finds that might work.

We’ve talked about where to rent maternity workwear in the past, but you can also buy “pre-loved items in excellent condition” from Rent the Runway, such as this maternity blazer from Soon Maternity.

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Some Of Our Favorite Interview Suits If You’re Pregnant

As we noted above, inventory is changing quickly — but we wanted to feature a few of the very limited options out there right now. If you really feel like you need an interview suit during your pregnancy, or maternity suiting in general, these are our top picks right now:

A woman wearing a black maternity blazer with black pants and a white blouse

You don’t have to worry about any problems with buttons with this maternity blazer from Seraphine — the tie waist gives you more size flexibility than buttons ever could. The ties are removable, so you also have the option to wear the blazer open, and the style is versatile enough that you could get a lot of use out of it during your pregnancy. Sizes 2–8 are in stock at the moment, and with the current 20%-off sale, this blazer comes down to $167. (It isn’t labeled as washable, but you can avoid dry cleaning with certain dry-clean-only clothing.)

Unfortunately, the matching pants are currently out of stock.

A woman wearing a black maternity blazer with black pants and black heels

You might not think to check ASOS for maternity wear, but their maternity offerings in the ASOS Design line include some affordable suit separates, including this soft jersey tie-waist blazer, on sale for only $25. (Yes, this item may not last you beyond one pregnancy.) The blazer is “designed to fit you from bump to baby,” and the absence of buttons definitely helps with that. (Note that the blazer has padded shoulders, but they don’t look too drastic in the pics.) This maternity blazer is available in lucky sizes 2–16.

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If tie-waist blazers aren’t your thing, here’s a classic one-button blazer style from Angel Maternity. It’s named “Corporate Jacket,” which is definitely apt, as it’s pretty much a basic black notch-collar blazer. Bonus: It’s machine washable! The website notes, “Match it with our Angel Maternity work pants for perfect work outfit,” but none of the brand’s in-stock maternity pants have the exact mix of fabrics that this one does, so it’s hard to tell if any of them are meant to be perfect matches for this jacket. (No free returns, alas.)

The blazer is currently only available in XS, S, and M, and is $69.95 at AngelMaternity.com.

What to Wear Instead of Suits When You’re Pregnant

Maybe you’ve just given up on finding a stylish (or at least acceptable) maternity suit. Readers have shared the following ideas over the years for what to wear instead of suits when you’re pregnant:

1. Wear a regular blazer over a work-appropriate dress. Many readers have mentioned wearing a regular blazer over a work-appropriate dress — even open, and even to court. Others have suggested blazers or jardigans over maternity dresses and pants, and a regular blazer worn open over a maternity skirt and blouse. Kat’s even noted that she could wear her regular blazers up until week 38 or so, but your mileage may vary!

2. Buy non-maternity suits in a larger size (even several sizes larger) and make do with a BellaBand for any fit issues with the pants — or get them tailored.

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3. Wear neutral maternity bottoms — tailored maternity pants like this pair from Angel Maternity or a pencil skirt like this one from Emilia George — with a purposely non-coordinating, non-maternity blazer, such as something in tweed or linen.

4. Make a suit out of almost-matching fabrics. Mixing different black fabrics to create a suit is not usually recommended, but you get a pass when pregnant).

  • Some readers have said they’ve worn a long, tunic-y style maternity shirt so the blazer/pants purposely didn’t touch, preventing the mismatched fabrics from being obvious.
  • Other readers went the other way and bought jackets longer than they normally wear, in fabrics that almost matched their maternity pants, since they thought that suited their pregnant frames better. (One particularly mentioned pairing Gap maternity pants with affordable Calvin Klein blazers-as-separates.)

Moms-to-be: Have you found stylish maternity suits you like(d)? If not, what have you been wearing as alternatives? Do you buy maternity blazers or simply wear your jackets unbuttoned?

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Some of Our Favorite Maternity Work Separates to Build a Professional, Suit-Like Outfit

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