Why Pauline Chalamet Never Uses Her Phone Before Noon

Don’t expect a text back from Pauline Chalamet in the morning.

The Sex Lives of College Girls star shared some of her life hacks in Paris during an exclusive interview with E! News at Elle‘s Hollywood Rising Event on May 18, where she was honored as one of the rising actresses.

The has made strict rules surrounding about how she chooses to spend her days—including never looking at her  phone before noon. She sticks to this, “Always, even when I’m working.” 

Pauline added that she doesn’t have her phone in her room “ever” when she’s working. “I wake up with an alarm clock…I set an alarm.” 

The actress — who grew up in an artist colony in New York City with her younger brother Timothée Chalamet — plays Kimberly Finkle on the popular HBO Max series created by Mindy Kaling. The show has proved to be a hit among audiences and Pauline is gearing up to take on the recently greenlit season two.

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